Don't Be Curly / Nekudrň is a graduation short film by Veronyka Jelinek. Young director & character animator.

Short movie about restless hair curls, troubles, dreams and the power of wish we make. Struggles between little girl and her hair are pictured in combination of drawing and cut-out animation to reach the effect of moving paper layers in space, together with the playful changes of the whole movie frame.

story, screenplay, art & animation, director: Veronyka Jelinek
music: Jakub Kudlac
sound: Pavel Hruda
commentary: Pavla Gajdosikova, Martina Ambrozova
editor: Veronyka Jelinek & Jiri Stejskal
supervision: Jan Zivocky
production: Vjera Mezulanikova & Petra Ptackova

Faculty of Multimedia Communication, Department of Animation, 2012
Tomas Bata University in Zlin